Friday, 5 August 2016

Commission Details

Hell there, I'm Nox, also known as Anzer'ke in my non-smutty identity. I like to write things, including both non-smutty and smutty things. Smut can be found here, on my tumblr, or on hentai foundry. I also occasionally post such things over on Questionable Questing.

I can also be found on Patreon, if you want to toss me some money for the various things I write.

Standard Disclaimer for all my work: All of the characters featured in sexual situations in these stories are of legal age. For canon characters who are not adults in the source material, their stories either take place in an alternate universe where they are of age, or at a point in the future of their series at which they are.

For those who want a specific kind of story (smut or non-smut), whether it's based on an existing fandom or an original one, here are my commission details:

Commission Status: OPEN

Contact me at: (with ‘Commission’ in the subject box)
Details Required: I require a way to contact you, however much story detail as you want to give me, and a word count.

Story detail can be however vague or specific as you like. I am equally happy working from a rough outline of what you want to have happen, or a clear breakdown of events, or just details of the characters and maybe a fetish or two you want featured in it.

Word count should allow for a range of +/- a few hundred words, as hitting exact word counts can be detrimental to the quality. If I go over the agreed range then the price will remain at the top of the agreed range.

Depending on other work in my queue, commissions take 1-3 days per 5000 words.

Price: £1 per 100 words, rounded down. Above 5000 words, prices round to nearest 500 words instead.

Things I Won't Write: Scat, Watersports, Loli/Shota (mental age is my concern: characters that are physically of age but act and think like children are also out; 700 year old vampires are fine), Sexualised Gore, Vore, and Vomit.

Transaction Structure: Once we have the details set out, I go away and write it by an agreed deadline. Once it's written I will contact you with the final word count (and cost if we agreed on a range of prices dependent on final word count) and once payment is made I will both send you a copy of the story and upload it myself.

Fandoms: I'll write in just about any fandom you want, however if I'm not familiar with the fandom already then I will ask for character details as you see them and may take additional time due to needing to familiarise myself with the story/setting/characters. Small fandoms and original settings are fine.

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